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Our Family Camp Weekend programs are designed to help families caring for a child with complex medical needs to build relationships with, and receive support from, other families on a similar journey. Our virtual fall weekend gatherings will feature a Friday live opening campfire event, a day of camp fun on Saturday (with a mix of live and pre-recorded activities with some supplies sent along in a VIP Camp Care Package), and then a closing community event on Sunday. View the Fall Family Camp-At-Home Guide for more details.

2020 Fall Family
Camp-At-Home Schedule

Our Fall Family Camp-At-Home programs are all “General Sessions,” which means they are open to families with a child who has any serious medical diagnosis. To be eligible, the child who has a serious health challenge must be 17 years old or younger (infants are welcome). In addition, the medical diagnosis associated with each session places a focus on specific medical populations, allowing families to connect with others on a similar medical journey.

2020 Fall Family Camp-At-Home Schedule

September 25-27

General Session/Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan Family Camp (for children with a physical or developmental delay)

October 2-4

General Session/Sickle Cell Family Camp

October 16-18

General Session/Transplant Family Camp

October 23–25

General Session/Epilepsy Family Camp

Registration deadline for the full camp experience (including Camp Care Package) is Sept. 11 for the first two sessions, and Oct. 2 for the last two sessions. Scroll down to submit your application.

Additional Questions?

Visit our FAQ page for more information about our application process. You can also email for assistance.

Apply to Fall Family Camp

Fall Family Camp-at-Home Registration 2020
We’re asking that you register your family for our fall “camp-at-home” programs by completing the form below. We look forward to camping with you!
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Please complete the following info for each additional person you’re registering for camp. Then click “add parent/caregiver” to add the next family member. We ask families to register no more than 2 adults/caregivers per family. Please contact us if you have more than 2 caregivers.
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Fall Family Camp-at-Home Camp Code & Waivers

We ask each family to give permission for their family members to participate in our camp-at-home sessions by consenting to the following policies, procedures and expected behavior at North Star Reach programs. By clicking on the boxes below, you and your family acknowledges that you have read and agree to the policies, procedures, media release waivers and code of conduct contract. Required fields indicated by an asterisk *

Program Consent

I understand that because of the virtual camp setting camp will not be providing supervision of my child, and that I am fully responsible for any and all necessary supervision. *
I agree that I will not permit any minor who has not been accepted into this program, or whose parents have not signed this document to in any way participate in camp's online activities. *
Further, I hereby release, discharge and otherwise indemnify North Star Reach, its affiliated organizations and sponsors, its officers, directors, employees, volunteers and agents (the “Camp Parties”) against any claim by or on behalf of my family as a result of our participation in any program or activity sponsored, coordinated, or supervised by North Star Reach. I also agree to release, discharge and agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Camp Parties with respect to any medical expenses resulting from personal injuries sustained by my family while engaged in such activities. *

Photo / Media Release

I understand that North Star Reach may make audio/visual recordings of the camp-at-home events and activities. I give North Star Reach, SeriousFun Children’s Network, Inc., their respective affiliates (including American Camp Association and its agents) and the parties permitted by them, including media (collectivity, the “Recipients”) permission to have full use of any photographs, slides, moving pictures, and audio/video tapes to promote public understanding and support for children with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses, public relations and/or advertising.
In the interest of respecting childcare privacy laws, I agree not to take screenshots or to record in any manner of online programming, including zoom gatherings, breakout rooms or comment areas. *

Communication Policy Consent

As part of our policies and procedures, we do not allow program and medical volunteers to communicate with campers and their families via various social media sites, email, mobile phones and mail. Our staff and volunteers participate in an extensive screening, selection and training processes and are supervised by our support team during camp to ensure their behavior is professional and appropriate at all times. We cannot take responsibility for their behavior once camp ended. As the parent/guardian, we ask that you discourage/prevent communication between your camper(s) and camp volunteers outside of official North Star Reach communication channels, and that you immediately report to us any attempts by our staff or your child engage in any such communication. *

Camp Code Contract

We ask every family member to read the Camp Code Contract. Once you have read the Camp Code Contract, check the box to confirm that your family accepts the responsibility to meet these behavior expectations.
I agree to the Camp Code Contract *

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North Star Reach is an independent nonprofit medical speciality camp based in Pinckney, Michigan. We provide life-changing camp experiences for children living with serious illnesses and their families, at no charge to them. You can support us today by making a donation.

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North Star Reach Camp

1200 University Camp Drive
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North Star Reach is an independent nonprofit medical speciality camp based in Pinckney, Michigan. We provide life-changing camp experiences for children living with serious illnesses and their families, at no charge to them. You can support us today by making a donation.

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